Steam & Gas Turbines

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Gas Turbine Books
Paid Gas Turbines By V. Ganesan 3 Ed.
Free Turbines Compressors & Fans By S. M. Yahya 4 Ed.
Free Gas Turbine & Jet & Rocket Propulsion By M. L. Mathur & R. P. Sharma 4 Ed.
Free Aircraft Propulsion & Gas Turbine Engines By Ahmed F. El-Sayed 2 Ed.
Free Fundamentals of Aircraft & Rocket Propulsion By Ahmed F. EI-Sayed
Free Advanced Gas Turbine Cycles By J. H. Horlock
Free Combined Cycle Gas & Steam Turbine Power Plants By Kehlhofer, Rukes, Hannemann & Stirnimann 3 Ed.
Free Design & Performance of Gas Turbine Power Plants By W. R. Hawthornr & W. T. Olson
Free Elements of Propulsion Gas Turbines & Rockets By Jack D. Mattingly & Ohain
Free Gas Turbine Aero Thermodynamics with Special Reference to Aircraft Propulsion By F. Whittle
Free Gas Turbine Engineering Handbook By Meherwan P. Boyce 3 Ed.
Free Gas Turbine Engines for Model Aircraft By Kurt Schreckling
Free Gas Turbine Handbook Principles & Practice By Tony Giampaolo 4 Ed.
Free Gas Turbine Heat Transfer & Cooling Technology By Sandip Dutta & Srinath Ekkad 2 Ed.
Free Gas Turbine Performance By Philip P. Walsh & Paul Fletcher 2 Ed.
Free Gas Turbine Power Generation By Paul Breeze 1 Ed.
Free Gas Turbine Propulsion System By Bernie MacIsaac & Roy Langton
Free Gas Turbine Theory By Saravanamuttoo, Rogers, Straznicky, Cohen & Nix 7 Ed.
Free Principles of Jet Propulsion & Gas Turbines By M. J. Zucrow 1 Ed.
Free Gas Turbine Combustion By Arthur H. Lefebvre & Dilip R. Ballal 3 Ed.
Free Gas Turbine Combustion By Arthur Lefebvre
Free The Gas Turbine By Henry Harrison Suplee
Free The Gas Turbine By Norman Davey